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Recovery Angel

Triumphant Hiker

Proceeds from Wrestling with Angel go to support Addiction Recovery Angel Corp. Author, John Hanrahan is founder of the 501c3 non-profit organization, Addiction Recovery Angel (ARA). ARA was formed to help young adults gain guidance towards treatment and or sober living solutions.

Having been a father of a son who became caught in the nation's opioid crisis, John and his wife Kirsten learned how frustrating and alone a family can be in seeking and gaining entry to appropriate levels of care for loved ones. They have formed as a conduit to help others cut through the misinformation and to avoid irreparable providers in the industry.

Their mission is to act as a resource to assist those in need to find fellowship NA/ AA meetings and or affordable and reputable treatment and recovery solutions for addicts and families searching for assistance with the deadly disease of substance abuse.

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