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Wrestling with angels

Laura Morton, 20x NY Times Best Selling Author

"The book Wrestling with Angels tugs at your heart strings, touching on difficult issues so many families are dealing with every day. The author, John Hanrahan expresses his experiences beautifully, allowing himself to be raw, real and full of grace." 

Emily Giffin, Highly Acclaimed Novelist, 7x NY Times Best Selling Author

"Riveting! This book Wrestling with Angels is so good. Powerful memoir. Great Father's Day present."

Brian Kilmeade, FNC Fox & Friends Host, Best Selling Author
"If you want a great book for you or your special someone that will motivate and educate, pick up John Hanrahan's masterpiece - Wrestling with Angels.

Mike Chapman, WIN Magazine, Founder & Sr Editor
"The book Wrestling with Angels grabbed me by the throat and hung on, pulling me in deeper and deeper, page after page, I couldn't put it down. An All American wrestler at Penn State, John Hanrahan won a lot and felt on top of the world. When his college career ended, his good looks took him to a world he could have never imagined, he became one of the most popular male models in the world. And then he died... I can't even try to explain any of it here. Read it for yourself. He returned to life and became a Trainer to some of the best-known celebrities in the world -- from John F. Kennedy, Jr., to Julia Roberts."

Steven L. Jaffe MD, Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine
"I was inspired by his vivid description of his own death, which was then followed by his receiving the gift of returning to life. Wrestling with Angels is a highly entertaining read and in this time of an opioid epidemic it is extremely relevant."

Lee Kemp, Olympian & 3x World Champion Wrestler
"John Hanrahan's book Wrestling with Angels is a candid look inside the life of one of wrestling's true Renaissance men. It's not easy to open up and honestly reveal to the world some of your most challenging and difficult life's experiences, but John does so beautifully with grace and dignity."

Jonathan Clarke, M.Ed., LCAS, Love Wins Counseling
"The most powerful message of recovery from one person to another, is often described as the sharing of one's own personal story of experience, strength and hope.  John Hanrahan in Wrestling with Angels delivers that and more.  His transparency and vulnerability are astounding, yet necessary to bring about the healing phenomenon in others. This book will be a mainstay in my efforts to help others." 

Bruce Weber, Iconic American Fashion Photographer & Filmmaker

Congratulations to John Hanrahan for a great book about sports and for sharing your personal struggles with addiction and your path to loving yourself again. I knew you when you were a young wrestler at Penn State and the New York Athletic Club. Around that time you came along with me to Las Vegas for a photoshoot where you met your beautiful wife, Kirsten. In Vegas, the night that you both met, I had you doing pictures with a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like and Kirsten with an Elvis Presley look-a-like. After taking some crazy pictures in the nightclub at Caesar's Palace you two never stopped loving each other and today are the proud parents of two great young men. I'm so proud of you for writing Wrestling with Angels, a very thoughtful and entertaining book--you've always been a champ to us. 

Mark Schultz, Olympic & World Champion, Best Selling Author of Foxcatcher

"John opens up completely to share the raw and sometimes uncomfortable truth. It's not pretty which is ironic since John was a male model who lived a jet-set lifestyle until it was almost completely destroyed. There are many lessons to glean on how to win in life. Relating to the pain, sacrifice and suffering of world class wrestling can be difficult for many to grasp. I recommend this book to everyone, it could change your life".

Samantha Dunn, Editor of Coast Magazine, Best Selling Author 

"Wow, great job of weaving together the world of the story with its celebrity interactions and elite athletics. A very human story not only of his own journey but that of his family. The story Wrestling with Angels is extremely powerful and relevant and moving." 

Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa, FL
"Wrestling with Angels is a book that you will want to read. It is the unvarnished story of redemption, struggle, pain, triumph and perseverance. Most of all, it is a story about the strength of one person who in his darkest moments found the courage to persevere and rebuild his life, his relationships and his future."

Dr Charles Prebish, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, Penn State University

"John Hanrahan's Wrestling With Angels is a magnificent read... His unabashed prose strikes right to one's heart and inspires great compassion. I simply cannot remember the last time I cried as I read the concluding chapter of a book. This is one utterly tremendous story!"

Dr Jose Betancourt , 3x Olympian Puerto Rico, UWW World Wrestling Champion  
"John Hanrahan's book Wrestling with Angels, is an extraordinary story. It is well written and captivating, you do not want to stop reading. The story has a powerful message for any audience or age. It makes you think and reflect about connecting to your higher power. I highly recommend it."

what readers of "wrestling with angels" are saying 


Are you listening Hollywood, this should be made into a movie.
John Hanrahan's "Wrestling with Angles" is a heartfelt story of personal struggle. It is a quick and enjoyable read.

I generally avoid celebrity memoirs. As a neuroscientist and psychologist in NYC who has worked with household named professional athletes, models, and actors, I am intimately familiar with their turmoils, their fears of mediocrity, and the facades they continuously work to build. I have enough experience to know when someone's expressed plights are authentic and when they are not. More so, I am not in the least part interested in someone manipulatively seeking pity. This is what makes Hanrahan's autobiography so refreshing. It is raw, honest, and deeply personal. It kept my attention throughout - which is not an easy task. Everyone has a story, but few people are willing to share them in the way Hanrahan does. The story made me laugh out loud and brought me to the edge of tears on a few occasions. Hanrahan comes across as someone so easy to connect to, yet ironically we learn of a guy who is desperate for connection while doing everything he could to self-sabotage them. Why?

Professional athletes are masters of control, and the sport of wrestling adds a physical dimension of power/domination. Hanrahan was objectively one of the best. Ironically, the one place where he could feel in complete control, he also ultimately sabotages - spectacularly. It is possibly even more ironic and arguably the foundation of the overall story - that he looked amazing while doing it - gracing the covers of magazines, leading international fashion campaigns, and partying with New York's upper elite. Maintaining such a facade was an effort that could be described as nothing short of heroic.

And then he died. Literally.

"Wrestling with Angles" is a story of resurrection, love, faith, and commitment. It is a story about learning how to make decisions towards growth instead of running from fear. It is a powerful personal account of learning that the connections we seek can only be found in authenticity, in being known, understood, and validated. 


Don Mancini

 A thrilling story of a high level athlete/addict 

If you want to go on a rollercoaster ride of a high level athlete who fell victim to addiction at an early age, yet thrived in most parts of his life this is a book for you. This incredible journey was real, you have to read it to believe it and won’t be disappointed. There is so much to learn from this masterful expression of a hidden life, coming to terms with being an addict and thriving always. If anyone in life was blessed it is John Hanrahan. 


Jon Clarke 

Breathtaking experience of addiction, surrender and literally resurrection

The most powerful message of recovery from one person to another, is often described as the sharing of one’s own personal story of experience, strength and hope.  John Hanrahan in Wrestling with Angels delivers that and more.  His transparency and vulnerability are astounding, yet necessary to bring about the healing phenomenon in others.  He is willing to go to any lengths to describe a spiritual experience, to those who have had one, as well as to those that need one.  John’s courage to become a gold medalist on the wrestling mats is evident, yet I believe it shines just as brightly in his raw and real testimony of addiction.  Wrestling with Angels will take the reader to places of spiritual discovery, personal tragedy and magically instill a purpose in us all to become better people.  It will be a mainstay in my efforts to help others.  

Jonathan Clarke, M.Ed., LCAS/ Owner, Love Wins Counseling /Founder, Oak Tree Recovery/ Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist 



You will not regret it

Amazing athlete and person. World star athlete, what’s better than that (you should ask)? He continually enriches the community around him. His word, whether written or spoken, is truly wonderful. I would never have wrestled in college, as a 30 year old woman, without him. Grateful for his book. 



 An Honest and Raw Story 

In wrestling with angels, john draws from his life experiences to help save his son from a dire situation. John has to open up about a difficult period in his life, a struggle that he always kept secret. Yet, now he feels it’s important to bring it out into the open, for a greater good, to inspire his son to choose to make changes for a happier, healthier life - before it kills him too.

I went to high school with john, he was a popular guy, good looking, a jock/ wrestler. Beautiful, quiet, shy, always kind, with a gentle demeanor. I was so excited to read my classmate’s book. It is very well written, but what a surprise! He was not only wrestling on the mats, he was wrestling with himself, because of his struggle with drug addiction. As difficult as it was to read what he was going through, you can actually feel his struggle, as he played a game of hide and seek with himself and you find yourself rooting for him as you always did. John really has some serious skills, goals and potential, his story shows how he was held back by his own self and how he made to the other side.

The fact that this story is real and not exaggerated, it becomes a motivator for others to know that there is always hope, to know that your better self CAN triumph! So inspirational! Thank you john, for sharing. Good luck to you and your family now and always.


Green Mountain

Wrestling with Angels brings to mind one word, “relentless”. The relentless tenacity of a world class athlete. Cocaine and heroin’s relentless destruction of body and spirit. And most importantly, the relentless power of faith, God, and a mother and father’s love to save their child. Never give up on yourself or your loved ones. You are loved.


Carol Miller

A Must Read
When I was in 10th grade, I learned about an amazing wrestler named John Hanrahan. I witnessed his athletic talents over 3 years. His accomplishments were outstanding. When John announced the release of his memoirs, I was on board. Last week I got my copy and read it in 6 hours!

His story is compelling and offers helpful insight to his path and the plight of his children.

Thank You, John. Your story is not only important, it’s a story that many athletes and parents can relate to!


Charles Prebish

An Absolutely Must Read

John Hanrahan's book, apart from being marvelously well written, tells a powerful story of attainment and loss, and the struggle to regain wholeness. The prose makes it impossible not to identify with John's struggle. This book makes me appreciate my personal time with John, as one of my former students, and his overwhelming attainment in amateur wrestling. As I read each chapter, it made me want to just hug John and make him part of my family. We all have so much to learn from this overpowering story.




I started reading on a Friday evening and stayed up all night until I finished!!!! What an honest, compelling story of John's life. Being a recovering alcoholic myself, it took me back to what life was like with the daily insanity of drinking and drugs. John shows strength in the Human Spirit and the will to find his Peace!


Amazon Customer

That Guy

I wrestled for John during his coaching stint at Fordham University. We were just a club sport, embedded in a D3 university at the time, and we stumbled upon what we thought was some random, former wrestler who was open to a coaching gig. We had no idea how wrong we were. Turns out he was/is a beast! Wow, did he make a difference. 30 years later, I still remember rolling into gyms of experienced teams, and crushing it. He did that. I was a former All-County washout, and he made me so much better. I’ll never forget the time spent with him on the mat. Yes, he was/is that good. His book sheds a bright light on what perseverance and a commitment to others can achieve. Thanks, Coach. God’s speed.


Wrestling with Life
A true story of one man’s odyssey of paths some chosen well and some chosen poorly. The power of prayer and family and how powerful prayer is in saving souls on the wrong path and to remember that if one is on the wrong path God places countless off ramps to get back to the right path. I haven’t read a book cover to cover in many years but was compelled to read this one. I was a childhood friend and still remain John’s friend today and I commend him and his bravery to tell his story. It reminds me that with faith there is always hope. God loves everyone no matter what you have done even if you don’t believe in him right now because eventually you will know the truth and the light of Gods unconditional love



Tenacity and resiliency in the face of addiction

John’s journey through wrestling, addiction and parenthood kept me glued, start to finish. I couldn’t nor wouldn’t put the book down. His tenacity to overcome, then relapse, then fight his way back until his faith in God, and experience in the face of death, made me realize that my faith is so important. John and Kirsten’s working through addiction with their boys and adversity with each other is a true testament of their love for each other, their boys and ability to still maintain their faith. As a parent of an addict, it made me realize so many things I couldn’t see, and I’m grateful that John shared his story. This book can help so many people that are either battling addiction, or have a loved one battling addiction. It’s a must read as he makes you feel you’re right there with him every step of the way. Best wishes and prayers for John, Kirsten, Connor and Liam.


Mark Marcley

There is Hope in Recovery

This was a great book! I bought it to get to know John because of an upcoming radio interview all about addiction and recovery that I host called, "Recovering Hope." My primary objective is to share stories of men and women that have overcome the burden and disease of addiction. This book and the interview we did absolutely helped us achieve our goals. As the father of those who have struggled with addiction, the nitty gritty horrors of what addicts and in our case, parents of addicts, go through was very well depicted and I'm grateful for John and his family that things worked out. Amazing what he's gone through and continues to do great work as a trainer and helping many who struggle with addiction. BTW, proceeds from the book go to help others in their struggles. Please, spread the word, there is Hope in Recovery!



Tom Ables


I grew up with the Hanrahan family. I was good friends with John's brother Patrick and to this day my older sister is still good friends with Teri! I had known about John's wrestling and his modeling, but did not of his life story. This book is Superb, it is very well written and hold's your attention. What struck out most for me was John's ability to Press On (persistence) and with the help of the Lord! There's a famous quote that “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it". John Won in several ways! Tommy Ables


Dottie Cochran

Highly Recommend

John- I was curious about your book and ordered Wrestling With Angles. When I received the book, I started reading and I finished it the same day because your story was powerful and well told. Thank you for sharing your true story and thank you for the work that you and Kristen are currently doing with health and wellness solutions to care for those in need. Glad to call you my friend, love that I was in your circle of friends at FCHS. Watching you wrestle and cheering for you are memories I cherish. Know that I am cheering for you and all your family now! I am passing this book on to all three of my sons to read. "It has to be about sharing the love I was shown." Highly recommend.


Kimberly Williamson

Powerful Memoir

If you’re seeking hope for yourself or for your loved one in the fight against addiction, this book is for you. If you struggle to understand addiction, this book is for you. If you wonder if God hears our prayers, this book is for you.


Chuck Adams


Finished this 4th of July weekend! One of the most compelling autobiographies I have ever read. Great success story of a guy many of us from his high school class already knew about - the success stories of John’s 3 careers of wrestling, modeling, and personal training. But his biggest success though was overcoming the demons of addiction that we didn’t know about and helping his two sons and their struggles. And as usual, behind every good man, is a great woman. Thanks for sharing your amazing story John.


Aaron Martin

Love What You do and Who You Do it with

The biggest thing that struck me about this book is the honesty it is written with. You easily connect with the author the way he opens his life up on the pages. His story is a story of redemption and struggling to shine his light to world in the face challenges life brings him. In the end I learned to do what I love, and to love those I do it with. Great book I would recommend to anyone.




A truly inspiring tale of redemption that John has shown through this gripping book!!
I could not put the book down and finished it in two nights.
This has given me hope with a nation suffering from an opioid epidemic, reading this has moved me to tears for the pain of addiction. John has come through the other side out of the depths of tragedy, pain, and suffering. I would love to see this adapted to a film one day, the story pulled me in immediately.


Check Out This Book

Great read for wrestlers and for anyone who has struggled with addiction (or dealt children with addiction). So much of the book was interested and hard to put down.



This book Is a Must Read

After reading John's book you will know that we have a God in our corner watching over us. His story is so exciting to read that I promise - you won't put it down. He was a personal trainer for celebrities that by itself their story is enough to read his book. When finished you will order a copy for all your friends and family.


Grady Embrey


This book is outstanding from cover to cover. I was enthralled by the wrestling references. I laughed through the humorous stories told while jet setting as a male model; and cried while reading the heart wrenching descriptions of his sons drug addiction. John, his wife, and kids are truly overcomers and an inspiration to all of us. Thanks, John, well done!


L Gullo

An engaging and revealing memoir of an all-American athlete/model discovering his true self

An engaging and emotional memoir revealing the inner strength and heart of an all-American athlete and model as he discovers his true self. Hanrahan throws himself to the mat time and time again finally exposing his greatest failure to save his own sons from going down the same path.


R Comfort


John and I graduated in the same class from the same HS. His story is a story I thought I knew, at least a part of his story. But, the strength to share the story that none of us knew is astounding. John shared himself to his core. The love for our children will make us share stories we would chose not to share.


Susan Buchan


This book was absolutely a good read and I watched John wrestle in high school as we went to the same school and to see what he pulled through and his son is just unbelievable.




Excellent book. Loved it. Very inspiring.


Bennet Primavera

Wrestling with Angels

This is a must read for everyone. John Hanrahan's book is the most inspirational story I’ve read.




Fantastic book. A truly heartwarming story of triumph. John’s story is very inspirational. I am looking forward to the movie.


Molly Hill

Amazing book!!!!!

John’s book, Wrestling with Angels, is an amazing read! So good in fact that I
bought a few copies to give to friends as gifts. Get your hands on a copy ASAP! Such an inspirational life he now leads!!!!!


Arturo Holmes

This is a Must Read

Extremely poignant and truthful. As a former wrestler I know how hard he trained and sacrificed to attain his level of accomplishment. Not to mention the cut throat world of international modeling. This is a must for everyone seeking to find themselves, when dedication focus and being true to yourself is sufficient.



Wrestling With Angels

Great read. John Hanrahan opened up his heart and told a very important yet painful story.



Great Read!!

I know John IRL and he’s an amazing person with an amazing story! Definitely worth the read! :)


Merritt Moore

Enjoyable Read

Great book.


Nancy Devore

This is an excellent and powerful book

This was an excellent book. Well written and powerful! It was hard to put down.



Never quit!

This book is a roller coaster ride, just as real life is.
There are so many helpful takeaways, from the importance of finding a positive goal and never losing hope of achieving it, to becoming a parent and putting everything on hold to save our children’s lives. Opening up and being completely honest about our lives including the not so good parts in order to not only save ourselves and give hope to others, but to also make amends to those who care about us. This story does not over-glorify the party scene yet allows us a glimpse into what it might look like being a celebrity and being granted access into the best clubs in the world. It truly is a page turner that left me with encouragement.


Tom Slowey

A Second Chance

I was a Penn State Wrestling teammate with John and have remained good friends since those days. John always had a self-assured, easygoing smile on his face and was full of energy and life. He was indomitable. Reading Wrestling with Angels rocked me to my core. John’s real-life story hit me like a series of heavyweight punches to the heart. I cannot even fathom going through what John and his family have endured. We all make mistakes. One bad choice can have dire consequences; it can even kill you. Addiction plays no favorites; it can happen to any one of us. Wrestling with Angels is a story of fortitude, resilience, self-forgiveness and redemption! It is a reminder of what is truly important in life – love, family, faith. Wrestling with Angels has and will continue to give people the courage to confront and speak with others about addiction.
I highly recommend reading John’s book.


Mean Gene Mills

An Epiphany and Thanking God for Another Chance.

I have known John since he got to Penn State. John was always happy and full of life. As happy as John seemed on the outside, he never even revealed his dark side as he tried to hide it. His story is real, it’s compelling and scary to think it could happen to anyone of us. I am a HS teacher and continue to hear of people who make common mistakes in choices. One bad choice led to many more and almost cost him his life. To save his son, he needed to let him know what he went through. Probably not easy for his son to hear and not easy for John to admit, but he wanted to save his son’s life before it was too late. Compelling story! When it comes time to ask yourself the question of: Should I or Shouldn’t I? You have already answered your question. The answer is “No”! But when you are young, strong and feeling invincible, you might think it can’t hurt you, until it is too late. It took an Epiphany to save his life. He tells his story to save others before it is too late. Check it out!


Daniel Boone Studenic

Worthy of a Gold Medal

As his U.S. Teammate and training partner for the past ten years (bruises, black eyes, twisted joints, torn muscles etc), I can tell you John's heart, grit, guts and courage to overcome obstacles is an attribute to his success on and off the the mat. His book "Wrestling with Angels" is no different - A success!
Take a bite out of this Gold Medal book. If you trying to Pin down some of your own obstacles, this book can help.


Bobby D.

A story of perseverance

I grew up in Northern Virginia wrestling at a rival high school. John Hanrahan was three years ahead of me and I tried to emulate him, Pat Griel and Jeff Richardson. I could relate to much of John's story because of the dedication required to achieve success in the sport. Unfortunately, that over-the-top pursuit of a goal (training at extreme levels) can roll over into the party scene. I know numerous successful wrestlers that have had a difficult time fighting alcohol and chemical addiction. Fortunately for John, he met his wife and the happiness and love they shared became more important to him than the drugs.
It's an inspirational story that had me shaking my head trying to understand the loneliness he experienced, but also cheering and rooting for him once he turned the corner and dedicated all of his activities to being a successful husband, father and personal trainer.
Double thumbs-up!



A great champion "never puts himself at risk of losing when the stakes are high"

I just loved reading the story of John Hanrahan as he recounts his greatest victories and defeats, on and off the mat. The story threads itself through a cultural tapestry of American history in the late 20th century, including the likes of Studio 54, JFK Jr., the Cold War, Pop Culture and his lifelong pursuit of an Olympic medal. It's a humble tip of the hat to the many wrestlers who kept him fighting, and his family who he loves so dearly. The book reads like a diary, a real "vision quest" for the 21st century.


Nat B


I've known John since the early 1980's when we became friends in NYC.I am so impressed by his brutal honesty of his life story good and bad. I highly recommend this read for anyone. It resonated with me on so many levels. His story runs the gamut of every emotion you can imagine. Well done John Hanrahan❤❤



Great Read!

What an intriguing story. I grew up with this family and went to the same Catholic and High Schools. I was very captivated throughout the entire book. A very profound story with a remarkable conclusion. What strength and determination.


Isaac Padilla

Great book, Great person!

John’s book is an excellent example of God’s love for all of us, no matter who we are or were. The book is well written with vivid detail allowing you to truly understand his life. Knowing John as a friend now, the book has helped me understand and know him even more. John is a wonderful wrestler, husband, father, and friend; as his book shows.


Jack Chidester


I thoroughly enjoyed reading John’s book, he has an excellent writing style that kept me engaged and interested. Thanks for sharing your story John and strengthening my faith.



Great story of inspiration, spirituality and life lessons. 

True story of one of America’s great wrestlers. John is a winner and inspires everyone he is around. This is a must read for anyone that is battling demons. Great story of inspiration, spirituality and life lessons.



Excellent read!

Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. A great example of how to overcome addiction. This is a must read for people that struggle with adversity.


Renee Elinsky

The dependency on drugs and the complications from a family perspective that they create.

It’s a great book to use with athletes about how drugs can sneak into anyone’s life.
I loved his honesty and transparency.


Michael Healey


As a wrestler I thought I knew everything but after reading John Hanrahans book it changed everything I knew for the better



Great Book

Great Read and powerful story. John has impacted the lives of many young wrestlers in our community.


Amazon Customer

Great Read

John really knows how to help parents connect with young people, especially young men. Great book.


Petros Petrosian

Amazing Book

Although I haven’t finished this book yet, it has already been an amazing read and has been very inspirational!


Carl DeStefanis

A great book and inspirational story

John does an amazingly job telling this story. Once I started I could not put it down!



Great story of redemption – A Must Read!

A Powerful true life story and reminder to never give up on your dreams! Highly motivating read!


Bruce Hulse

Great Read

Great Read! Heartfelt and insightful!!!



True American Hero

This a great book! True American hero


Amazon Customer

Fantastic Read

Crazy biography of the great penn state legend!

Tim Flynn

Great Story!

John’s story is a must read!


Amazon Customer

Read this Book!

This book is awesome!


Sharon Burdick

Never too young!!!
Great read!!!


Don S

Wrestling with Angels

I got this book Thursday afternoon and finished it Sunday. Very well written with stories that are important to hear from the author. John Hanrahan bares his soul explaining about his life as an amateur wrestler, a high fashion model, an addict, a fitness trainer, and a family man who has a son who falls into addiction and their recovery. A very good and important read.



A Must Read!

Wow such a powerful story that everyone should read! 5 star!


Big Dan

Great Story – Would make an Excellent Movie

Divine intervention is real. This book restores and strengthens Godly faith in the reader. Spiritually exhilarating and motivating. Let the light shine on you... Read it!


Kidd Liam

Amazing Story of Perseverance and Redemption

This is a timely story which deals with a family dealing with the repercussions of the opioid epidemic. It takes the reader on a multi-dimensional journey of a world class athlete and international fashion model set in NYC, Milan, Zurich, Tokyo, Paris, DC, LA and even into the after-life from an NDE. It's an ultimate triumphant story and a perfect Father’s Day celebration.

Daniel R. Blanchard

A Book That Will Inspire You!
This is a true story of inspiration! It gives all of us hope to fight back and win, regardless of what we're going through. Wrestling fans around the world will love this book. And mainstream society needs this book!

Misty Kroesen
What a great true story of addiction and the sport of wrestling. Definitely a must read.

NYAC Singlet Luomo Vouge.JPG

Wrestling With Angels is A Great Read | USA Wrestling Magazine, by Gary Abbott

What I really enjoyed learning about was John's life outside of wrestling. He became a world-class model, a culture that was entirely different than anything I had ever experienced. He traveled the world and lived and worked alongside the beautiful and powerful people in that sub-culture. His next profession, as a personal trainer for the stars, is also an intriguing look at a different group of people who most of us never get to meet. Just like his career in wrestling, John was one of the best at what he did in modeling and personal training. It was amazing that he could excel so much, while his personal life was faced with tragedy and an ultimate challenge to survive. In this book, he explains how he was thinking then, often admitting that he did not feel like he was honest with others or authentic in his interactions.

John could no longer keep his personal story to himself, and is now sharing it as a way to help save the lives of others as well as of those he loves.

Read the book. You won't put it down. I haven't finished a book this quickly in a long, long time. Be prepared to deal with some very intense situations, which will make you uncomfortable and cause you to think a little deeper. You will understand a little better about what it means to overcome life's challenges.

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