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Connor Beats the Odds

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

So proud of Connor who returned home this evening from the UK after completing his degree in Practical Filmmaking at London’s Central Film School. Eight years ago Connor was near death, a victim of the opioid crisis after a broken leg as a HS athlete. Yellow and jaundiced with his liver shutting down and at a point where hope seemed shallow, the doctor asked us if we’ve “planned is funeral’. He is one of the few who defied the odds and made his own miracle happen. We share our story together in my upcoming book Wrestling with Angels, at age 25 I also needed a miracle to survive and received one. It's my hope our story will give hope and comfort to those dealing with a similar personal or family crisis with no one to relate to or draw strength from. We hope to raise awareness and provide direction towards help for others through book proceeds to benefit

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02 janv. 2020

Hi John. Looking forward to reading your book. I had no idea you had a struggle of your own with this. I had years of struggle with the law(and my dad was a lifelong cop) and my health. Struggled with severe vomiting from esophageal reflux but kept drinking and partying. The eighties were a wild time. Went through five years of messing with modeling around here and by the grace of a God met my wife Stephenie in ‘93 while living with Scott Rowland which helped settle me down.

My 20 year old son Steven has a lot of my tendencies; likes to drink and smoke. He had D1 baseball talent at 6’4 but I think was burnt out and…

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