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Wrestling with Angels
A True Story of Resurrection, Hope, Fashion,
Training Celebrities, and Man’s Oldest Sport

“Have you planned his funeral?” That’s what the doctor asked my wife and me about our son, Connor. He sat next to us, gaunt and yellowed, his teenage body laid to waste by years of heroin addiction. No, we hadn’t planned his funeral, but we had contemplated the specter of his death. I more than others. Because nearly three decades earlier, while battling my own addiction, I had died.

I never told Connor about that night or any of it. He, like almost everyone in my life, knew and saw pictures of all my triumphs. That I was a nationally acclaimed wrestler, an NCAA All American who became the first to win 100 matches at national powerhouse Penn State. That while wrestling on TV, I caught the eye of a talent agent and became a top model for the Ford Agency in New York City. That I was the face of Versace’s worldwide campaign, a VIP in every club in the go-go 80’s. That after my modeling career ended I became a trainer to the stars, helped open a legendary health club, and worked with some of the biggest names in show business: Rod Stewart, Julia Roberts, Howard Stern, Tim Burton, Patricia Heaton, Rosie O’Donnell, Sandy Gallin, David Geffen, Cindy Lauper…

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Modern Hieroglyphics - Wrestling Training

After completing my NCAA wrestling career as the first in Penn State's history to surpass the 100-Win mark, I was inspired to write this book when I began teaching my two young sons the sport of wrestling. I had competed as an NCAA All American wrestler and had the great fortune of being exposed to many great coaches throughout my career. I had always been intrigued by the ancient history of the sport of wrestling and how many moves still used today were depicted through ancient hieroglyphics. This book, along with my free YouTube Channel Instructional Series is my way of passing on to future generations, the moves and techniques that allowed me to compete against the best wrestlers in the world. MODERN HIEROGLYPHICS is a resource developed to help young kids, teens, parents and coaches better understand the full array of moves to compete in the great sport of wrestling.

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30 Day Home Fitness Training Plan

With the nation now focused on Social Distancing to defeat the Covid-19 virus spread, it is more important than ever to have a home fitness strategy and guide to stay healthy and safe. I devised the Fit at Home plan to guide individuals with basic guidance in what I call the Five Pillars of Fitness; Nutrition, Cardiovascular health, Muscular-Skeletal Strength, Flexibility and Mindfulness. It has always been my goal to assist individuals to become their own best Trainer and living-health advocate. This program is aimed at guiding individuals to lay the foundation of success to incorporate daily fitness as a way of life. John Hanrahan designs and directs wellness programs to enhance the performance of a wide variety of athletes and individuals who are looking to achieve their optimal level health or specific event or sport physical readiness. Hanrahan is graduate of Penn State University, an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an AIS Stretch Therapist and also holds CCS and CPT certification credentials through the NSPA. John has been named by Men’s Journal, GQ, Glamour, Self, Men’s Health and other national publications as one of America’s top rated fitness trainers. He was a two-time NCAA All American collegiate athlete and won the 2016 UWW World Veteran Freestyle Wrestling Championship in Walbrych, Poland. He directs corporate wellness programs and teaches a curriculum on his Five Pillars of Fitness which also includes Mindfulness. He is an advocate of utilizing exercise and sport disciplines as positive addictions and works with individuals in recovery.

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